Hands-On Missions

Acts 1:8    ...power to be my witnesses...to the ends of the earth.

Our vision is to glorify God by fully loving Him and loving others. How do we plan to accomplish our vision? One way is by communicating the good news of Christ to our community through evangelism. This Missions Commission ministers in our church through the promotion, development, and communication of missions to the entire church family of any endeavor outside our local congregation to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ through evangelism, discipleship, and assisting cross-culturally with church planting and development.

The Scriptural Basis of Missions

  • PRAY for laborers as commanded by Christ - Luke 10:2
  • GIVE to support mission activities - Philippians 3:18-19
  • SEND as exemplified by the Church of Antioch - Acts 13:2-3
  • GO to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ - Matthew 28:18-20

Buffalo Covenant Church Mission Budget

We use 14 cents of every dollar given to the general budget and your offerings are traveling to Jerusalem (Buffalo area), Judea and Samaria (USA), and to the ends of the earth. For more information about the on-going mission organizations and missionaries that we support, click on the links in the white box.

Know & Engage With

Throughout the year we give specific attention to missions and missionaries as their needs arise or when they come to visit us. Click on the links in the white box for current events that you can participate in to show support for our local, national, and global missions and missionaries.

Updates about our missionaries are available through our weekly bulletin, and by contacting via e-mail Andy Kauffman (Deacon of Missions Commission).

New Missionary Handbooks

Our new Missionary Handbooks are available at our Welcome Center. Each mission/missionary that we support has a page, plus general information on praying for missionaries. Pick-up a copy for your family.

Do you have a heart for missions?

The mission commission is looking for a few people with a heart for missions. Meetings are once a month. Our challenge is to keep the congregation informed about the missionaries supported by our church. We are looking for help with prayer, communications, and a future missions conference. If you are interested, e-mail Andy Kauffman.

2015 Missions Conference Sessions

If you missed or would like to listen again to our encouraging and challenged filled Sunday, October 11th morning and afternoon Missions Conference with Dr. Fred Van Gorkom, click either Sunday Morning or Sunday Afternoon.