Covenant Kids

Kids are exciting! They are in the process of learning new things, trying new things, experiencing new things. Buffalo Covenant Church cares about kids. Our ministry to children from birth through grade 5 is designed to create a safe, loving environment where boys and girls can learn to know, love and serve Jesus through age appropriate activities and programs in a safe and loving environment.

In order to do this, we provide trained staff, clean orderly facilities and a strong Bible-based curriculum. Through a variety of exciting ministries, we are helping families build strong spiritual foundations in the lives of their children. Buffalo Covenant is a place where boys and girls are growing and preparing for a life of service to their Lord, their families, their church and their world. Come and see what creative things are going on as boys and girls grow to know, love and serve Jesus.

Interested in serving in Children’s Ministry? Contact via e-mail Pastor Mary or call the Church Office at 763-682-1470.