We know that one of the best places for people to grow in their spiritual walk is within small groups. Some groups are ongoing, while others are for a defined period of time to do a particular study. Check out the Small Groups page for detailed information on all small groups at BCC.

Because we are dedicated to growing disciples with all ages at BCC, we have a number of ways for men and women to continue to grow their spiritual life. Check out our Men’s and Women’s Ministries which have both large group events and ongoing small groups with a focus on growing in the Word.

Our Spiritual Education is primarily Sunday Adult Education held during the school year at the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services in a variety of rooms. You may drop in at anytime to check it out. Typically we have speakers on a variety of topics which focus on growing deeper in the Word and applying that to our lives at work, at home and everywhere else we go. Occasionally there will be other discipleship events offered at other times, so check that page often for information.

In addition to Sunday morning, we have Evening Adult Education. These opportunities are in-depth Bible study classes offered in the evening during the week and taught by members of our congregation who have background in adult education Bible teaching. These classes meet weekly in the Fall and Winter-Spring for about 12-weeks (some less; some more). There is sometimes a textbook purchase needed and sometimes homework is required. There is a cost associated with each class; however, scholarships are available.