Women's Ministry


Buffalo Covenant Church is committed to providing opportunities for women to grow with Jesus Christ and each other. We do this through a diverse number of opportunities held throughout the year that appeal to women of all ages, life stages and spiritual journeys. We also are connected with the Covenant Denominational Women’s Ministries and the resources and activities they provide.

BCC Women's Ministry exists to assist women to grow in their faith in Christ, to encourage them to develop & strengthen intimate friendships with other women and to provide opportunities to serve each other and our community in the name of Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in helping with Women's Ministry, please contact the church office (763)-682-1470.

Share Skill or Wisdom

Do you have a skill or wisdom that you would be willing to share with other women? Do you have something that you have always wanted to learn but didn’t have anyone to show you how? Passing things down through the generations is something we have lost over the years. We would like to work at bringing some of that back. Baking bread, canning, raising children, quilting, crafts, being good wives, life skills and the list goes on. This would be a great opportunity to bring our generations together…the older, wiser women helping out the younger women and their daughters…doing life together! The possibilities are only limited by you! We want to hear your ideas!Contact the church office (763) 682-1470.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to serve and love one another. We are trying to find ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and we need your help. We need to know who is willing to serve and how you would like to serve. We also would like to know of any families that would like to serve together. We would like to put together a list so that if there are needs, we can help to meet them. Some examples: yardwork/shoveling, visiting elderly or sick, helping with rides, grocery shopping, making meals, cleaning, or helping new mothers. Please email Bobbie Grunwald which areas you would be able to help with and we will add you to our "Hands and Feet" list and will contact you when a need arises. Thank you and God bless!