Vision and Mission

Mission and Values


To Glorify God by being Disciples who make Disciples of Jesus Christ.


We are called to help people...

  • KNOW the Word through worship and study,
  • LIVE the Word at home and in the community,
  • SHARE the Word through service and mission.

But how do we make these disciples? We will do it through "Biblical Discipleship of the Family." The leadership at Buffalo Covenant is ready to bring our ministry into sharper focus: Family Focus.

The Need For a Family Focus

The family is under attack. In modern American society, the family is facing pressures on all fronts. Cultural forces are tearing families apart. The Christian family is facing ever greater challenges. Staying family faith-focused and Biblically sound is increasingly difficult.

At Buffalo Covenant Church, we are committed to equipping the Christian family to win and train the next generation of Christ-followers. Nothing can stop a church that wins its own children and youth for Christ. Our church is determined to work together to give every family the best resources available to disciple their children and teens and build a strong Biblical foundation for their home.

Buffalo Covenant has a history of outstanding ministry to children and teens. The pastoral staff at BCC has committed to expanding those ministries to a broader vision of Family Ministry that brings the family together around the Bible and the Bible's plan for the family. It is vitally important that our church does everything we can to bring the family together. We must draw the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents. We will avoid anything that breaks the family apart, and focus our efforts and resources on bringing the family together and binding them closely to Biblical truth.

To read the full Family Focus Ministry Plan, please click here.