Trusted Friends

Trusted Friends

Having a Trusted Friend

Trusted Friends is a one-to-one ministry of trained confidential volunteers who walk along side someone who, for a time, needs a confidential friend to offer Christian love and support through listening. You may request a Trusted Friend by calling (763-682-1470) or e-mailing the Church Office. We will prayerfully consider the best match for your circumstances.

Becoming a Trusted Friend

How many times has it been said “it was the care, concern and love of a special friend that helped me the most through that difficult time in my life.” We all need a trusted friend, especially when life situations get challenging. Have you had a good friend when you needed it?  Have you been that good friend? That is a big role that we can do for each other at BCC. The Trusted Friends Workshop is for anyone who would like to learn how to be a better friend.  It is especially designed for those in a caring ministry or would like to begin to serve in one. As Christians we are not immune to problems.

This workshop is not only for those who would like to become a Trusted Friend, but it is also for anyone who is in volunteer leadership with youth or adults where listening, caring, discipling or mentoring would be involved. In addition to Trusted Friends this could include:

 · Small group leaders
 · Youth leaders
 · GriefShare leaders

Please call (763-682-1470) or e-mail the Church Office if you are interested in attending a Workshop or would like further information. There is no cost—just your time and your desire to grow your listening heart.