Prayer Ministries

Prayer is a vital part of the life of our church and we desire to be known as a house of prayer. In addition to it being a constant part of our worship and counseling, we offer the following specific ministries:

Requests for Prayer

Please call Becky B. at 763-276-3178, Judy B. at 763-639-2257, Church Office at 763-682-1470, or on Sunday mornings fill out “Please Pray For Me” section of the contact card located in chair back holder and place in offering plate.

Weekly Prayer

Mondays • Room 201 • 12:00-1:30 p.m.
When we work, we work but when we pray, God works! Join with others to pray for God's working in the hearts of people in our church and community. This is an open invitation to all to come join us for prayer. We encourage all who have an hour lunch break, and are able, to come for the time you have available within this time frame. This prayer time is open to all of the Buffalo Covenant Church family. For more information on this prayer group; as well as, other prayer ministry opportunities, call Sharif Welch at 763-229-6087.

Prayer Chain and Letter

Prayer Chain and Letter is our ongoing 24/7 ministry as a direct response to requests for prayer at any time. Members of the Prayer Chain at BCC are contacted by phone and e-mail to pray for your concern as soon as it is received. Then the Prayer Letter team receives a weekly postal mail or e-mail list of praise and prayer requests that come in throughout that week. You may request a specific level of confidentiality. During office hours, please call (763-682-1470) or e-mail the Church Office with your request. Outside of office hours, please call Becky B. (763-276-3178) or Judy B. (763-639-2257) with your request. Also, on Sunday mornings, you may fill out the Prayer Request card located on the tear-off in your bulletin, and place your written request in the offering plate.