Frequently Asked Questions About Buffalo Covenant Church

Foundational Questions

What does the church believe?

Buffalo Covenant believes and values the Bible as the Word of God, the gift of God’s grace and ever-deepening spiritual life that comes through faith in Jesus Christ, the importance of extending God’s love and compassion to a hurting world, and the strength that comes from unity within diversity. For more information go to About Us page. Also, Discover Buffalo Covenant Church class is another option. Here we talk about our history, our beliefs and practices, and give you insights into the Covenant denomination. This is required for all prospective members, but anyone can participate if they want further information regarding our church and the Covenant denomination. Visit our Membership page for more information. 

I want to deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Bible is clear that “salvation is from the Lord”. Here at Buffalo Covenant Church we understand that salvation only comes through faith....but then what? What comes next is the hard work of being a Christ follower and the difficult process of sanctification (becoming more like Christ). We have some tools available to help in this process; such as, Sunday morning adult education, Buffalo Bible Institute Classes offered during the week, small group opportunities, and active men’s and women’s ministries to help you connect with other believers. Our goal would be that where ever you find yourself in your faith walk, be it a new born Christian or someone already mature in their faith, that we would all be able to look at the finish line with anticipation of hearing the words, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Check out our Ministry page for specific opportunities.

How do I get connected with others?

Buffalo Covenant is dedicated to the task of building a loving community of Christ followers who in turn, love and influence the communities in which we live and serve for Christ. We invite you to join us as we learn, grow and serve together. You can get connected to others at Buffalo Covenant in a variety of ways. For more information visit our Connecting page.

What do you offer for my children and/or teens?

Buffalo Covenant Church has a variety of opportunities on Sunday mornings and evenings; as well as, Wednesday evenings. Not to mention other special happenings throughout the week and during the year. Check out our Children's and Youth Ministry pages for more information.

I have questions about Christianity, faith, God, and/or other spiritual matters.

Our Pastors and Elders are available to meet with you one on one. Contact them via e-mail through our Staff and Elders page or call the Church Office (763-682-1470).

I would like personal support and encouragement.

There are times in each of our lives when we are in need of care ourselves—when we are under unusual stress, going through difficult times or struggling spiritually. Buffalo Covenant Church staff and many volunteers seek to provide specialized Congregational Care for such times in your life; Prayer for Healing, Trusted Friends, GriefShare, DivorceCare, Home-bound Visitation, and Financial Peace. If at any time you find yourself in need, please do not hesitate to call the Church Office (763-682-1470). We desire to be there for you and walk with you through the challenges.

Additional Questions

Where are you located?

We are on Highway 25 just 0.8 miles north of the intersection of Highway 25 and Highway 55. We are north of WalMart and on the west side of the road across the street from the Buffalo Hospital. If you need more complete directions from your house, click here to bring up Mapquest. If you our joining us on a Sunday mornings, please feel free to use the visitor parking spots and enter through our entrance on the north side of the building. To visit the church during the week, please use the office entrance on the south side of the building.

What are your services like?

During our Sunday services we share some announcements, express our hearts to God through music, and hear a teaching about God through His word the Bible. Our Worship Ministries strives to bring glory to God through worship on Sunday mornings. There are two styles of worship: Traditional (held at 8:00 a.m.) and Contemporary (held at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.). Leaders for both styles of worship seek the guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit to craft services that ultimately point to the glory and majesty of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The sermon in all services are identical.

Worshiping together is an important spiritual pattern to form in your family. Please, bring your family to worship every week, and unite in worship at the throne of God. In addition, before and after the services, please feel free to visit our Welcome Center for more information and enjoy a chat with others.

How long are your services?

About one hour.

What should I wear?

Feel free to wear what makes you feel most comfortable. We care more that you're here than what you wear.

Will I have to say anything, sign anything, or be singled out?

Rest assured that you won't be put on the spot, singled-out, or embarrassed. Though we do receive an offering, we don't want anyone to feel obligated to give. We do like to collect some basic information from visitors on our tear-off slip in the service bulletin, but if you'd prefer not to, that's all right with us.