Buffalo Covenant is dedicated to the task of building a loving community of Christ followers who in turn, love and influence the communities in which we live and serve for Christ. We invite you to join us as we learn, grow and serve together. You can get connected to others at Buffalo Covenant in a variety of ways.

On Sunday mornings stop by our Welcome Center to find lots of information about Buffalo Covenant. There, friendly people will direct you to the information you need. Join the conversation around the coffee table on Sunday morning, or get to know other people from Buffalo Covenant at Fellowship Connections.

Want to join others in learning about the Bible? Small Group Bible Studies provide wonderful opportunities to get connected with people who are sharing your faith journey.

Another way to find out more about us as a church is to sign-up for Discover Buffalo Covenant. You will learn all about our history, vision, and mission. Taking the membership class is one step toward membership however, you do not have to become a member to take the class.

Come on! Join us as we come together, learn together, and serve Christ together!

Keeping Better Connected

Births and Adoptions

As we grow and change as a church, so do the life events in our immediate families. We want to keep better connected with you and to do this we need your help! In particular, at the end of each month we will have an announcement slide posting the births and adoptions of children for that month. To let us know when this life event happens in your immediate family, contact the Church Office via email or call 763-682-1470.