Being "Construction Ready": What You Need to Know!

By July 1st, our building should be well on its way to being packed up and “construction ready”. The Worship Commission has organized and packed up room 107 and their music storage closet has been moved up to the front closet in the lobby. The Youth Commission has organized and packed up the youth room and their storage closet. The Hospitality closet and freezer has been packed up and moved. Every closet, cupboard, nook and cranny in the back half of the building has been gone thru, packed up, and stored in the youth room. The Children’s Commission has been busy! Pastor Mary has moved out of her office and relocated to the pre-school circle. Pastor Reid has moved out of his office and will work from home part-time, and office out of Pastor Max’s office when he is not around. We’re going to get creative!

Church Office Access and Location
You’ll notice that the reception desk has now been moved to the lobby area. We’ve worked with our great tech team to transfer our phones to the lobby and make sure they have an internet hook-up there, so our reception desk can continue to do all the great work that we rely on them for. The biggest change you’ll see is that during the week, we are now using the front doors as our main entrance. All the other doors will be locked. Just like we keep the south office door open during the day and everything else is locked, NOW the front doors will be opened and all the other doors will be locked. Also in effect, our church office hours will now be Monday through Thursday, and we will be closed on Fridays through construction.

Depending on the construction schedule, our pastoral and staff offices will be vacated at different times. Some offices will land much later on the construction schedule and will be continue to be used during the first months of construction. But at some point, all the offices will be vacated. We’ll know more as we get closer to construction and will keep you as aware of these changes as we can.

Church Kitchen
Our kitchen will not be available. Again, our kitchen will not be available. This is part of Phase 1 on the construction schedule so we will remove all the appliances, countertops, cupboards, and the kitchen sink! This fact has far reaching implications that we are continuing to discover the impacts of. Obviously this includes our coffee machine. So we are going to take a summer break from Sunday morning coffee in the lobby, but by our fall kick-off we will once again enjoy coffee and fellowship on Sunday mornings.

Availability of Building Use

Another big point we need to emphasize is the availability of the building during construction. The back half of the building will be off-limits during the week. Through conversations with our General Contractor, the staff has agreed to stay out of these areas and not schedule any evening events there. The reason for this is two-fold. We don’t want all the workers spending the last couple hours of each day cleaning up scaffolding, tools, equipment, and extensions cords so we can offer a variety of ministries each night. We’d rather keep them working a full day and be able to start fresh the next morning, without having to unpack everything. The sub-contractors will know about this as they bid the project and it should be less expensive since we are not demanding hours of labor each morning and afternoon to clean-up and set-up.

There will two exceptions to this rule. When the choir resumes rehearsals in the fall, they will be allowed access to room 106 for weekly rehearsals. The other exception is Hang Time, our middle school youth ministry, who will use the gym space one Wednesday night a month. Val has shared the importance of bringing that group together for large group worship and fellowship once a month, and we are willing to accommodate that.

Weekly Ministries
So what are we are going to do with all of our other ministries that meet here during the week while we’re under construction? While we have very limited space to host ministries, we are looking at what can be moved off site and into homes, while still trying to accommodate all that we can on site.

Our ninth grade Confirmation class will continue to meet here on Wednesday nights, while Hang Time will meet in smaller groups off-site. As previously mentioned, Hang Time will meet for a large group gathering at church once a month, on the fourth Wednesday night.

We will equip our nursery rooms for adult ministry meetings during construction. Even though the youth room has a lot of storage in it, space in there will still be available for an adult class during the week and weekends.
This plan will allow everyone to enter through the front doors of the church to access those rooms. This is not a total and complete description of how life at BCC will be during construction, but is a starting point of what Monday through Friday will look.

Weekend Routine
Sundays are a different story. Our General Contractor has agreed to make certain the building will be “Sunday ready”. That doesn’t mean that all rooms will be available. Some areas will not be available until construction is finished. But in the areas that are available, they will be cleared of equipment and safe for our children. Our custodial staff will put less emphasis in cleaning during the week, with a larger emphasis on the weekends. Friday and Saturdays will be big cleaning days around here in preparation for our Sunday activities.

Sunday Schedule
The gym will house our children’s morning Sunday school at 9:30 and 11:00 throughout the year. Room 106 will host an adult Sunday school class at 9:30 and Confirmation class for eigth graders at 11:00. The youth room will be available for an adult class at 9:30 and senior high Sunday school at 11:00, while the Middle School will meet in room 105 at 11:00. The nursery area will be devoted to child care, as normal, each Sunday morning.

Our AWANA ministry is moving to late Sunday afternoons beginning in September and will be meeting the first three Sundays of each month. Then the fourth Sunday afternoon they will have a shortened program so our
senior high Chill Out can meet here in the evening for a large group gathering. Chill Out will be meeting in small groups off-site those first three Sunday evenings of the month.

The other thing that is worth mentioning will be our available bathrooms. The north bathrooms will be completely unavailable. Both men’s and women’s bathrooms will be off limits as soon as construction starts. This moves our main restrooms to the men’s and women’s restroom by the gym, and also our unisex bathroom on the south side. At some point towards the end of construction we will transition to the new enlarged bathrooms on the north side while the other areas are being remodeled. Plan ahead on a Sunday morning.

Parking Lot
One other consideration will be the parking lot. Though the building will be “construction ready” by July 1st, you will still be allowed to drive around the building and use all the doors on Sundays until construction begins. But once a shovel goes into the ground, you will no longer be allowed to drive or park around the building. The main entrance drive thru will remain available for drop-offs/pick-ups throughout construction, but all of our parking will be in the large section to the east of the building. We obviously lose a large amount of close parking spots around the building. Therefore, we encourage those who don’t mind walking a bit, to park closer to the highway. This will leave as much room as we can near the building for those who can’t walk as far or who need some assistance.

Closings for Unforeseen Matters
We may need to close some days, due to unforeseen power outages, no water in the building, or construction changes. However, we’ll try to keep you aware of these as much as possible. The Worship Center will remain untouched during this project except for the installation of sprinklers. That may have some effect on a Sunday, but we won’t know until we are underway. We may have phone issues, server and tech issues, air conditioning issues, and other challenges. We ask for your flexibility and patience through it all, and we will keep you informed every step of the way!