Construction Begins: Getting A Glimpse

Behind the caution tape and sealed doors our Church has begun its construction demolition. We have successfully completed the following:

• The kitchen is completely empty.
• The bathrooms on the north side of the building through the green room are cleared out.
• Mary’s office and rooms 100 through 103 are officially cleared out.
• We have started to tear-up the driveway around the back side of the building and removing trees.


In September we will be introducing the second phase in our Stewardship Campaign for the Discipleship Expansion Project. Our goal is to payoff this project as soon as possible and we pray that the Lord provides the provisions to do so. Look for an upcoming letter in the mail and an update on Sunday, September13th!

Also, starting September 13th there will be a new traffic flow for Sunday parking. We’ve lost a large number of parking spots in our lot due to construction, including our freedom to be able to drive around the building and exit out. Please notice the directional changes to our parking lot and the “one-way” directions that will assist in traffic flow as we try to handle the large number of cars and pedestrians on Sunday mornings. As vehicles enter from the roundabout, please note the “Begin One Way” sign.

As of September 13th, all drive lanes will become “one way traffic” lanes. Drivers will be allowed to choose any parking lane on the left to search for an available parking space. Continuing straight on the entrance road will give drivers the option to park on the grass to the south. There will also be additional parking on the grass to the east side of our lot near Highway 25. To exit, please follow the signs along the east side of the lot which will bring you up the farthest north lane back towards the exit at the roundabout. There will be directional arrows painted on the pavement to help guide traffic flow and also traffic attendants in reflective vests to assist in traffic flow and parking. Please contact via e-mail Dave Macalena or call 763-682-1470 with questions.