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    January - June 2014

    General Tithes & Offerings

    2014 Budget 
     2014 Actual
    January  $ 94,130  $ 92,520
    February  $101,369  $ 89,998
    March  $129,630  $126,462
    April  $101,629  $100,330
    May  $ 90,104  $ 91,366
     June  $104,787  $107,725
    Total  $621,649  $608,401

    Tithes and offerings for the first six months of 2014 totaled $608,401, compared to projections of $621,649. Year to date, General Tithes and Offerings were $13,248 less than projected. The last three months, however, were very good and exceeded projections or were close to projections.

    Expenses, not including the $70,000 paid on the “roof” loan from the General Fund, totaled $574,816. The projected expenses for the first six months of the year were $609,638. While tithes and offerings were $13,248 less than projections, expenses were $34,832 less than projected. BCC did pay down the “roof” loan by $70,000 from the General Fund as approved at the last quarterly meeting. Even with this payment ($70,000), our cash position remains very good. We started the year with a $380,800 cash operating position and received $608,401, as indicated above, in General Tithes and Offerings. We have paid out $574,816 in expenses, plus the $70,000 loan payment which results in a June 30th ending cash position of $344,385. This is equal to 3.43 months of expenses. Praise the Lord!

    Giving to the Building Fund

    Month Offerings Given
    January  $ 4,145
    February  $10,483
    March  $ 9,550
    April  $ 8,582
    May  $ 9,362
    June  $12,205
    Total  $54,327

    The 1/1/2014 beginning balance in the Building Fund was $101,889. With the offerings to the Building Fund totaling $54,327, expenses of $12,729 and the $70,000 pay down on the “roof” loan from the Building Fund, we had a 6/30/14 ending balance of $73,487 in the Building Fund.

    The “roof” loan had a beginning balance of $316,957.01 as of 1/1/2014. With the $140,000 pay down from the Building Fund and the General Fund plus our regular monthly payments the ending balance as of 6/30/14 was $157,631. Thus, this loan has been reduced by $159,326 since the first of the year. Praise the Lord! We are grateful to God for all that he has done through you.

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