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  • Pledge Sunday Update & Submit Pledges

    Pledge Sunday, July 13 was an exciting morning as we worshiped God, heard a summary report of our Discipleship Expansion Project and had time of prayer thanking God for who He is, what He has done, and asking His will be done through us. Pledge cards were collected as well.

    If you were not able to be in church on Sunday, July 13th, please bring your completed Pledge Card and place in the black boxes in the back of the Worship Center (now thru July 27th), drop it off at the Church Office, or mail it in. Our goal is to have all cards turned in by the end of July 2014 so that we can give an update to the congregation of the commitments that have been given. If you need a pledge card, on Sundays stop by the Welcome Center or during the week stop into the Church Office to pick one up for your family.

    The pledge card reflects two phases of our fundraising. Phase One, “Start Up” will focus on raising approximately $660,000. Of this amount, $160,000 will be used to retire our existing maintenance and remodeling debts, and we want $500,000 in the bank for a down payment on our expansion project. The goal is to complete this “Start Up” phase by July 15, 2015. During this time, the final drawings will be prepared by our architect and made available for contractor bids.

    Once we complete the “Start Up” phase, we will select a contractor, sign for a new loan to cover the balance of funding needed for the project, break ground, and move into our “See It Through” phase. During this second phase, we will complete the construction of the project and work to pay off the new loan as quickly as possible. The second phase will sustain the project until the loan is paid.

    Why are there two phases for fundraising? The straightforward answer is that we need people to give more ambitiously between now and next summer to get this project going. We need to raise $660 thousand in a span of a year. This will be challenging, but well within the scope of previous giving patterns at Buffalo Covenant, and one that we will surely meet if led by the Holy Spirit. If we are to continue to provide adequate financial support for our ministries and missions, we will need a level of funding a good deal above and beyond what our congregation currently gives to the building fund.

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