Discipleship Expansion Project Progress

The Discipleship Expansion project had a very successful 2015. Since we were authorized to break ground we have have made great progress. We have a completed parking lot on the north side of the building,the entire children's area constructed and sheet rocked, the entire Youth area constructed and sheet rocked, and interior design completed. That is a lot to be thankful for!

In 2016 we will be wrapping up Phase I of the project as February comes to a close. Drywall is currently be sanded and paint will soon start to appear on the walls. Lights will be hung and carpet and tile will be placed. The windows are in and our cabinets are in production. We look to March to begin using our new spaces at which time we will start Phase II…relocating the kitchen and converting the current preschool circle into offices. The Lord has blessed us with favorable weather and a good construction team…let’s continue to thank and praise His name.

To see a video of the progress thus far, click here.