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  • Highlights of Our September 28th Quarterly Congregational Meeting

    If you thought a business meeting was routine and you did not make it to our recent congregational meeting, then we hope to fill you in on the lively updates and discussion that occurred!

    To begin the evening, four names were presented by Pastor Steve and approved as new members! Then, our Finance Deacon Doyle Van Dyne showed us the third quarter positive outlook that our general offerings are on an upswing and expenses are on budget. From a numbers perspective we are exactly 100% on budget. Even more, Deacon Doyle did a wonderful follow-up to the Sunday morning news celebrating that our “roof loan” is paid off, by showing how much we have saved in interest by paying off this loan! Great news to give thanks to the Lord for our current financial situation for the year!

    Pastor Max followed with comments of our current building constraints on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and even during our weekdays and evenings, and the needs this creates. Our staff does not want to turn anyone away, so they are being creative in finding ways to squeeze them in. This cannot continue and is why we are looking at a Discipleship Expansion Project (DeP). By trusting God, he can accomplish what is needed!

    Next, we heard an update from Building Committee members Taylor Pack and Mike Anderson regarding what we have received in pledges thus far and next steps for the committee. The proposed building project is estimated to cost $3,000,000 and the congregation approved at the June 1, 2014 Quarterly Congregational meeting to take the next step to raise and have in the bank a minimum of $500,000 toward new construction. Thus far, 168 families have pledged a total of $308,000 by July 2015. Regarding the project plans, Committee Chair Mike shared that they will be meeting with an architect in December or January to take the schematics and turn them into working building plans; as well as, engage in talks with a civil engineer, the City of Buffalo, and consult with one or two general contractors moving forward. Our goal is to continue to stay within the projected budget for the project.

    At the Sunday, September 28th meeting the following Affirmation Resolution, which was approved, was brought to the voting members present to vote on:
    » That Buffalo Covenant Church continue its efforts to raise $500,000 by April 2015 toward the proposed building addition project, estimated at $3,000,000.
    » If achieved, BCC will continue with construction bids and final plans, to be voted upon in mid 2015.
    » If necessary, obtain appropriate financing to continue the project, with a challenge to the congregation to retire any needed building loan within five years.

    Good, lively discussion followed with voices heard and hearts shared that the need for the building is clear and the desire is to move forward. The aspect that aroused the most discussion is the means financially, as the hope expressed by members of our congregation is to not only raise the minimum $500,000, but to trust God to continue to raise above and beyond the cost of the building addition so that we acquire as little to no debt as possible.

    Consistent encouragement to us in the discussion is that we want to do what God wants us to do. Each needs to take faith steps to follow Him, we want to do our part in keeping unity among us, and continue in good discussions and consistent communication.

    In summary of the highlights of the meeting, give thanks to God through our Lord Jesus Christ for new members, our continued growth, and our strong financial position. The affirmation was approved to continue in the DeP process and we want to raise a minimum $500,000 by April 2015 – trusting God to continue to raise total funds for the project. We want all of our church family to be seeking and trusting God, and respond in faith. Our leaders will continue to find ways to give good, ongoing communications of our needs to our congregation as a whole.

    If you have not made a commitment to the Discipleship Expansion Project, sit down with your family and prayerfully ask God what to give. Your pledge card can be dropped off at the Church Office or mailed in (1601 Highway 25 North, Buffalo 55313). If you need a pledge card, on Sundays stop by the Welcome Center or during the week stop into the Church Office to pick one up for your family.

    If you have questions and/or would like more information, feel free to contact via e-mail the Building Committee, the Elders, and the Church Staff (or call 763-682-1470). Also, visit our church DeP website page for background of and current communications on the DeP process thus far.

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