Christmas Love Project

2015 Christmas Love Project

Meeting An International Need

The JESUS Film Project ministry has identified the next, most strategic language groups that need the gospel on film: 865 groups with 50,000 or more speakers, the people who have yet to hear and fully understand. On November 22nd Andy Kauffman, our Missions Deacon, shared about the opportunity we have to meet the need for a new “JESUS” film to be produced in a language of one of the 865 people groups who lacks essential evangelistic tools to hear the Gospel of Christ. “JESUS” film in their heart language is an ideal solution for the problem. The process of lip-synching a new language includes using actual speakers of the language for the recordings. You can help fund a new language version in a peoples’ heart language for just $19,000 and help reach many thousands for Christ.

Update As of January 10th, 2016

We, the BCC Mission Team, want to thank all who participated in giving to reach our 2015 Christmas Love Project goal. We are delighted to be able to send a check to “JESUS” film Mission 865 for $32,197.00! Thank you again.

Mission Team: Andy Kauffman (Chair), Gina Wintermantel, Terri Gilbert, Anne Harvey, and Reid Gilbert (Staff Rep.)

Watch the "JESUS" Film

The "JESUS" film has been produced in more languages than any motion picture in history - more than 1,300 languages in all. To watch the “JESUS” film version, click here. To watch the "Story of Jesus for Children" version, click here. To get the Jesus Film Media App on your phone, look for this icon in your app store or click here to get it on your phone.

Update on 2014 Love Project

Transitional House-warming Shower

Tuesday, March 22 • Buffalo Community Center • 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Love INC-Big Woods is excited to share that our transitional house should be ready for occupancy by April 1st! The only thing left to do is fill it with household goods. For that, we need YOU! Gift items or checks can be brought during the shower and light refreshments will be served. We are registered at Target (First name: Love in the & Last name: Name of Christ) and Walmart (Housewarming registry: Love in the Name of Christ). 

BCC came alongside Love In the Name of Christ (INC) with the transitional housing need in our area. Our congregation raised $19,001.25 that will go towards approximately 3 years of maintenance, expenses, taxes and miscellaneous needs for the home.

As many of you know, last fall Love INC-Big Woods was offered an old farm house in rural Buffalo to be used as a transitional home for a local family needing a temporary place to stay. The owners had verbally agreed to lease Love INC-Big Woods the house for 5 years for $1.00. In January they found out that the owners had changed their minds, so that offer is no longer valid. Even though we were initially disappointed, we know that God has something better in mind for us!

With the help of our Buffalo Covenant church body, Love INC-Big Woods was in the position of being able to purchase a used mobile home to fix up for transitional housing. The trailer house has been purchased in Howard Lake and the crew has been working hard to get it ready for use. As you can see from the pictures to the right of this update, there is much work to be done. We will keep you updated on the progress of getting the home ready to be lived in, and any updates from Love In the Name of Christ on how the gospel is being heard through this home. Exciting missions work right in our county!

Please continue praying for this portion of their ministry. They know there is a great need for this in Wright County, but they want to proceed in God’s timing and with His wisdom. For further questions, please call (763-682-2550) Love INC-Big Woods Executive Director Tom Kunz or Clearinghouse Coordinator Connie Hermerding.