Christmas Love Project

Update on 2014 Love Project

BCC came alongside Love In the Name of Christ (INC) with the transitional housing need in our area. Our congregation raised $19,001.25 that will go towards approximately 3 years of maintenance, expenses, taxes and miscellaneous needs for the home.

As many of you know, last fall Love INC-Big Woods was offered an old farm house in rural Buffalo to be used as a transitional home for a local family needing a temporary place to stay. The owners had verbally agreed to lease Love INC-Big Woods the house for 5 years for $1.00. In January they found out that the owners had changed their minds, so that offer is no longer valid. Even though we were initially disappointed, we know that God has something better in mind for us!

With the help of our Buffalo Covenant church body, Love INC-Big Woods was in the position of being able to purchase a used mobile home to fix up for transitional housing. The trailer house has been purchased in Howard Lake and the crew has been working hard to get it ready for use. As you can see from the pictures to the right of this update, there is much work to be done. We will keep you updated on the progress of getting the home ready to be lived in, and any updates from Love In the Name of Christ on how the gospel is being heard through this home. Exciting missions work right in our county!

Please continue praying for this portion of their ministry. They know there is a great need for this in Wright County, but they want to proceed in God’s timing and with His wisdom. For further questions, please call (763-682-2550) Love INC-Big Woods Executive Director Tom Kunz or Clearinghouse Coordinator Connie Hermerding.

2013 Love Project Update

Changing Lives, Sustaining Hope

New Dairy Cows bring sustainability to Trees of Glory CarePoint in Ethiopia. On behalf of all of us at Children’s HopeChest and the staff at Trees of Glory in Ethiopia, we would like to thank you for your generous and faithful support. We hope that this report is an encouragement to you as you continue your partnership.

Your Giving Counts

As you know, your support at Trees of Glory (TOG) has been instrumental in their progress and development over the last few years. They now have a functioning well, renovated dormitories, a library, a chicken coop, and a thriving cattle program. With your support, you’ve helped the children of TOG step toward independence and self-sufficiency.

Most recently, you’ve helped to dramatically expand the livestock program, creating a much larger shelter for the animals, and funded the purchase of an additional 5 dairy cows who produce nutritious milk for the children and staff, and 11 sheep.

We wanted you to be aware that your support is adding even more than the original plan projected. Because you gave so generously, the Buffalo Covenant community provided resources above and beyond what was originally requested, allowing TOG to build a fence to protect the new cows. The fence was particularly important because the cows provide daily milk for the 25 children living at the TOG CarePoint; as well as, the TOG staff. Extra milk is sold at market and the profit helps fund food and medical care for the cows; as well as, financial support for the CarePoint’s ongoing operation. Phase one of the fence project is complete, though phase two is not yet funded.

Heartfelt Thanks

We encourage you to take the time to reflect on the blessing God has brought to the children of Trees of Glory through your willing and giving hearts. Your prayers, your financial support, and your sincere love for these children have made an undeniable impact. Thank you for partnering with us in this vision to see the orphaned and vulnerable children of Ethiopia empowered to survive, thrive, and succeed.