Publicity Deadline & Request Form

The Connection - Monthly Newsletter

To have a brief and concise announcement for a ministry event, meeting, or gathering in The Connection monthly newsletter, the deadline is 4:00 p.m. on the 15th of each month, prior to when you want your event included.

Please print and fill out the BCC Ministry PUBLICITY Request Form and submit your request to the Church Office via an e-mail attachment or by placing it in the Church Office Mail Box slot.

DISCLOSURE: Due to a variety of factors, the Church Staff may not be able to fulfill your request(s) but will do their best to communicate to you the reasons and the possible alternative options that are available.

PLEASE NOTE: If your event, meeting, or gathering is using any part of the BCC grounds, building, and/or other equipment, FIRST print and fill out the BCC Ministry Room & Calendar Request Form, and for approval/confirmation from the Church Office submit it to Dana via an e-mail attachment or by turning it in to the Church Office Mail Box slot. Thank you!

For more information on the additional publicity options that are available, click here.

For personal, non-profits, civic, or business publicity requests, please contact the Church Office via e-mail or by calling 763-682-1470 to discuss the options available.